Patient approach: Role of patient capital in developing better communities.

Client: Farrer & Co and ADAM Architecture 

Date: 2019 – 2020 

Services: Research 

What are the modern, successful Community Developments and what can we learn from them as we seek to create better places?

Great placemaking should engender stakeholding and civic pride. It should include well-designed architecture, green spaces, walkable streets, a mixture of uses and a good quality school. Great placemaking should include the kinds of things that invite you to be there and make you feel like you belong, such as a thriving high street, locally and regionally grown produce and a sense of community.

But placemaking of this ilk is not the standard real estate project. It often requires landowners truly to study the situation and measure the possibilities. It often requires collaboration with a multitude of stakeholders. It requires upfront cost and lower profits in the short term in exchange for a longer term return. It requires the courage to fly in the face of the ‘build it and bog off’ brigade. It requires a patient approach to creating a place.

This report is about those who have taken the patient approach to Community Development. It is about those who are setting a modern benchmark for great placemaking and, in doing so, are not only achieving better sales and increased margins but are demonstrating the economic, social and environmental benefits that can be delivered by great placemaking while laying the foundations for the Conservation Areas of the future.

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