Industrial strategy: H&F Local Authority.

Client: Hammersmith & Fulham Local Authority 

Date: 2019 –¬†¬†

Services: Strategy, implementation, collaboration

Jack Sallabank from Future Places Studio is working as the Industrial Strategy Lead for Hammersmith & Fulham Local Authority to support them in delivering their Industrial Strategy. The strategy focuses on four areas:

  1. West Tech: Making Hammersmith & Fulham into ‘West Tech’, a global beacon for innovation and growth and a leading place for tech and creative businesses, education and research. This will be focused on the new innovation district emerging at White City.
  2. Encouraging Enterprise: Making Hammersmith & Fulham into the best borough in Europe for businesses to start up, survive and grow.
  3. A Great Place in London: Improve town centres and commercial hubs to transform what they offer and enhance the areas reputation in Europe and around the world.
  4. People – Economic Growth for All: Ensuring residents are at the heart of the new knowledge-based economy in the borough. The aim is for economic growth for all, whatever their background.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 Jack has been working with the Local Authority to develop their economic response to kick start the local economy.